Pipe Thruster: different applications for the installation of pipelines

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05 Sep 2016
Diana Pfeff
Diana Pfeff
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The Herrenknecht Pipe Thruster series with thrust and pulling forces of 300, 500 and 750 tonnes plays a powerful key role in the installation of pipelines worldwide, ranging from 8” to 60” diameter. Originally developed as a push/pull unit to assist the HDD process, the multifunctional Pipe Thruster is now an established assistance tool in the trenchless pipeline laying industry. As part of the system equipment for the Direct Pipe and Pipe Express method it is used to install the pipeline in one step directly into the ground. Furthermore, the Pipe Thruster increases the versatility of the HDD method towards even longer pipeline crossings with larger diameters or under more difficult ground conditions by having more capacity & safety installed. On challenging HDD projects one or more Pipe Thruster(s) can be installed at the pipe side and support the HDD rig during pipeline installation with variably adjustable loads. Other applications include the recovery of stuck or defective pipelines, the installation of pipelines into existing tunnels or HDD landfall projects where the pipeline can be pushed from onshore to offshore in order to save costly offshore equipment. More than 50 successful projects have proven that the coatings made of PP, PE, GRP, FBE or of concrete are not damaged during operation. This paper points out the different application fields of the Pipe Thruster and its benefits proven in some selected case studies.

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