Concept Of Designing Lightning Protection Systems In Hazardous Areas - Advantage Of 3D Planning Tools

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31 May 2018
Manfred Kienlein
Manfred Kienlein
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This paper describes the way of different planning steps to protect a plant with hazardous areas like tank farms, refineries or production facilities against direct and indirect lightning effects. The planning is based on the international lightning protection standard IEC 62305 by using the rolling sphere concept. Beginning with risc analysis, find out the sources of ignitions and different measures of protection in combination with different ex zones. The necessity of 3D planning tools to get an overview (360 °) of the protection zones and the size of the hazardous zones is also part of the presentation. The aim of using 3D planning tool is not only for panning, it is very helpful for experts e.g. to evaluate the correct positioning of lightning rods on site, helping the specialist to get a quick overview of the lightning protection concept in combination with the explosion protection or fire protection concept of the plant.

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